How mobile websites are distinguished from Desktop websites

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Published: 11th July 2012
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Nowadays technology has progressed far ahead than our imagination. Lots of devices have been invented which make our life smother and easier. The invention of computer has drastically changed the life style of human. Letís think one step ahead about the innovation of Internet. With use of internet, it became possible to connect globally. Business, trade or any of the activities are not restricted to the barrier of location. Majority of businesses are enjoying the benefits of internet for business promotion and to connect to audience globally. It has given opportunity to all business owners to market their products globally and increase their target audience globally regardless of the place where they are situated. With use of computer for accessing internet or availing the benefits of internet, due to portability and accessibility issues of traditional desktop computers, we were somehow restricted towards use of internet.

With invention of devices like smart phones and tablet PC, it has overcome the barriers for accessing internet which were associated with desktop computers and given us quick and easier way to access internet.

Due to rapid growth of mobile audiences and likeliness of using these devices for accessing internet, Mobile application development has become powerful tool for advertising industry as well which we can utilize to target potential mobile audience. Survey stats that, total 64% of the people are using mobile web as compare to 80% of the desktop users, which indicates tremendous growth in mobile users which must not ignored by business marketers.

To target large mobile based audience, it is necessary to have efficient website which provide good user experience and usability to mobile users. Making a website for mobile is totally different technology and concept. It is quite difference between mobile websites and desktop websites the way it get accessed and viewed with mobile browsing and characteristics and providing good surfing experience to these mobile users is must to avail good benefits. It is advisable to create mobile website by professional web designers to get maximum benefits from it.

Letís take an overview of how the mobile websites and the desktop websites are differing from each other.

Desktop based websites are majorly having the resolution of 1024*768 where as in the smart phones. It is of 320*768. And hence making a website for mobile is complicated rather than making desktop website. Desktop websites and mobile websites have difference in terms some features and functions.
Scrolling and Navigation

Desktop based websites are having vertical as well as horizontal scrolling. It is possible to have both scrolling in desktop website. Whereas in mobile, websites are provide landscape layout. The default setting of mobile supports only vertical scrolling due to the limited space.

Desktop website may have multi layer in navigation for increase user experience. Tabs, drop down menus are different ways available to move the users from one page to another in desktop website. In mobile website a simple and uncomplicated and restricted navigation are preferable.

Images and Content

It is possible for desktop website to support large quantity of the content. It also supports large number of images and graphics on the website. In desktop website the more server space allows to upload heavy graphics, flash and videos along with maintaining the speed of uploading the website. In mobile website only necessary and important content are included lacking of space.
Footers and Links

We use to keep more no. of textual links on the desktop website for more user experience. In desktop website, there is a scenario of putting links that actually users want to see on home page at footer like sitemap, privacy policy, contact us etc. In some cases of big websites, it becomes possible to put quick links and some important links of products and services at the footer. In mobile website only important and few links that user wants on home page to be put at footer part.


Breadcrumb is useful to give users the information of the navigation on which page he/she is and from the path where he/she came to the page. It gives the navigation information to the users. For mobile websites breadcrumb is not required. Lacking of space it will not allow users to go in to deep links.
Browser compatibility
Desktop websites are built on HTML browser where as mobile websites are built on WML browsers that mobile browsers supports.
These are the basic differences between desktop website and mobile websites. User experience in mobile websites is increasing. We have limited features in mobile websites because of smaller screen yet mobile apps is becoming better and better over the days.

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